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Love Goes on Forever...

Jonathan McLauren Darnell
February 5, 1970-July 28, 2007

My beautiful, precious son was killed in a skydiving accident on July 28, 2007.
 We talked daily and I always had him call me after each jump to let me know he was okay. I was waiting for his call to tell me he had passed his last requirement to get his A certification.
However, it wasn't the call I expected.

Jon's untimely death was not in vain. It has opened minds and hearts to the tragedy of delaying to express the love and encouragement we all need from one another.

I knew Jon had a lot of friends, but until now I didn't realize how many. Hundreds of people who grew up with him, went to school with him, played music or golfed with him, neighborhood friends, co-workers and fellow skydivers joined with family members to celebrate his life and mourn his passing.

While he was a quiet man who never liked to draw attention to himself, who was introspective and really enjoyed spending time alone, he truly loved and respected others.
He didn't have to be asked for help if he knew someone needed it and he was sincere in all his words and actions.

He loved animals, especially his cat. All his friends knew about Rufus because Jon talked about him all the time.

Jon & I had dinner together a week before his death and we discussed his goals. He told me that he had never been bored and didn't think he ever would be, because there were so many things he wanted to learn and experience and it would take a lifetime to get to them all.

Soar high, my son, in perpetual blue skies!
Missing you beyond words...

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